Extendable microfiber sofa model Me

“My only interest is to combine comfort with practicality, combining both elements on an underlying elegance and sophistication. In this, precisely, has been my revolution in dressing: in putting in the forefront the practical needs of the people. “ – Giorgio Armani.

Microfiber sofa model Me

The microfiber sofa model Me by Albir Colonial perfectly combines comfort with practicality, giving rise to an elegant and sophisticated sofa. Its design has been designed to be durable, easy to clean, comfortable and beautiful. Its microfiber upholstery combines the advantages of leather and fabric in a single upholstery, while being aesthetically attractive a functional element.

Extendable and reclining sofa

The microfiber sofa model Me has extendable seats and reclining backs, providing added value to your comfort and relaxation.

sofa de microfibra

Advantages of microfiber upholstery on your sofa

sofa de microfibra

Extreme durability

The microfiber was created to avoid the problems that arise in the fabrics with the passage of time that results in the formation of balls, or shrinks, stretches, hangs, or gets hard. It is a synthetic fabric that combines style, quality and comfort, this textile product has properties that are far from other fabrics intended for the same use. If we compare microfiber fabrics, silk or cotton, we find a product that is finer, softer and more resistant.

Aesthetically perfect

It has the elegance of a suede or leather sofa, but with a much lower price. Its touch is very similar to the softness of the suede or the turned skin, with a velvety texture.

Lint-free surface

If you have allergies, microfiber is a great ally, not only does it not generate dust, but the fiber is so strong that most allergens are repelled and can be removed with a vacuum cleaner or lint roller.

Microfiber sofa model Me 1
sofa de microfibra

Easy to clean

The strands of the microfiber are so fine that when they interlock they create a light, dense fabric, resistant to water and stains. If quick measures are taken, the microfiber repels water and other types of liquids, allowing us to absorb the spill of liquid with absorbent paper or a cloth (without rubbing) so that no remainder of stain is left because, instead of submerging the liquid, drops form on the fabric. However, you should not use water in the microfiber, as it will absorb into the fabric and leave a mark. In addition, it is very resistant to dirt, and with a vacuum cleaner every ten days or so you can keep the sofa as good as new.

With all these advantages, do you still have doubts about the perfect material for your sofa?

Do not hesitate, come to Albir Colonial and enjoy your home with the sofa Me!