Dining Tables

The dining tables are spaces where we meet with family and friends to spend pleasant moments enjoying good food. They are a meeting place and we use it a lot, therefore they must be resistant, practical, comfortable and of quality. In addition, if they are able to convey a sense of comfort, much better, and for this nothing better than wood. Wood is a living element that conveys warmth, elegance and naturalness.

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Spaces for Sharing

The dining room is a family gathering place where we share our table with the people we love the most. The Albir Colonial is always committed to quality, design and variety. Our wide range of dining tables allows us to offer different styles: classic, contemporary, raw, …

The different styles depend on the taste of each one, but there is always a common factor, quality. We all like to be comfortable when we share moments with loved ones, so the materials with which the dining tables are made are essential. The dining tables of Albir Colonial are made of solid wood, and the different materials of the feet of the table are carefully chosen.

Different styles, different shapes, different homes and people.

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Dining table Washington "When you're a carpenter making a beautiful piece of furniture, you're not going to use a piece of bad Keep reading