"Everything is design, and the quality of the design affects the quality of our lives."

Albir Colonial Furniture

In our section of garden furniture you can find sets of sofas for the garden or the terrace made of artificial fibers to provide them with greater strength and durability. You will also find outdoor dining sets, both in artificial fiber and in teak wood. In addition, we have a wide range of teak and fiber chairs, and many modern and exotic designs of umbrellas and parasols. We also have a host of decorative items and auxiliary furniture for the garden or terrace. Discover our various sources, pots, statues, cushions, and much more.

Garden Furniture
Antique Sideboard

Selected and imported directly from Asia, we have several pieces with different designs, colors and sizes. Sideboards with personality and 100 years old, fully restored for its perfect usability and enjoyment at home. Antique dressers that bring an exclusive and exotic touch to your favorite spaces.

We have a large collection of dining furniture, both in modern designs, as well as classics, including rustic and colonial styles. In addition, we have a wide range of Raw style furniture. Always taking care of the quality and the design, our furniture is made with the best noble woods, which respect the environment by being certified with the FSC and Legal Wood labels. We also have models of microcemento, as well as tables made with mosaics. Forging, steel, aluminum, wood, fiber and many other materials of great quality, bring personality and originality to our dining room furniture.

Dining Room Furniture
"In decoration, always put a controversial piece in. It will give conversation to your guests."
Decoration Articles

Kubu Design’s decorative items bring great beauty and elegance to any corner of the garden or terrace. Fountains, sculptures, flower pots, lamps, candle holders, paintings, figures, and a host of accessories to pamper your outdoor spaces.

The living room furniture is possibly the most important furniture for any home, because we spent many hours with family and friends in the living room. In our store you can find from modern sofa designs, raw solid wood tables, as well as leather armchairs. In addition, our consoles will make you fall in love with their extraordinary designs and functionalities. You can also discover our rocking chairs and libraries, both designed for a pleasant reading.

Living Room Furniture
Bedroom Furniture


In our bedroom furniture section, we have beds with colonial designs in solid wood, in addition to our most modern lines. We also have mattresses that offer maximum comfort to your rest, without forgetting our solid wood cabinets, dressers and desks with an exotic and original touch. Quality, comfort and originality is our main premise for our furniture.

"If there are only spaces, without furniture or decoration elements, spaces lose their essence."

Auxiliary Furniture

The auxiliary furniture gives us those small details so necessary in the decoration of the home. Not only do they bring great beauty and style to our rooms, they also fulfill their auxiliary mission, either to store objects or to put our favorite glass of water or book. Chests and trunks, screens, shoemakers and side tables; they give us the opportunity to fill with beauty and usefulness those small empty spaces of our home.

Auxiliary Furniture

The textile allows us to play with color and volume like no other element of home decoration. In addition, it allows us to make big changes in appearance without much effort and little budget. In our store you will find carpets and cushions full of color and design, some with some exotic touch and others with modern style. And always the highest quality available to the customer.