Dining table Washington

“When you’re a carpenter making a beautiful piece of furniture, you’re not going to use a piece of bad wood for the back, even though it’s stuck to the wall and nobody sees it. You know it is there. To sleep well at night, aesthetics, quality, have to be taken to the end “ – Steve Jobs.

Dining table Washington

The Washington dining table by Albir Colonial is made of solid Acacia wood with 6 centimeters thick and two feet of stainless steel with epoxy paint. It is 220 centimeters wide, 100 centimeters deep and 77 centimeters high. Ideal to enjoy unforgettable evenings with family and friends. In addition, its beauty and natural forms give it a great personality that will attract the eyes of your guests.

Acacia wood

The Acacia is a wood of great durability, resistant to moisture and the attack of insects and fungi. Its color goes from yellow to brown, and as it ages it acquires certain reddish tones. It is a heavy wood, with a density of 770Kg / m3. Its hardness makes it difficult to work, and gives it great resistance.

mesa washington de acacia
mesa washington pies de acero inoxidable

Stainless Steel Feet

The two stainless steel feet of the Washington dining table are painted with epoxy. Epoxy paint gives beauty and protection to the surface applied, it is a high quality ink and thickness compared to other varnishes. Its application is simple and practical, in addition, it provides a high resistance to very well withstand friction and temperature variations. It is also resistant to water and its finish is smooth, which facilitates its cleaning and maintenance.

Raw style

Its design is based on the Raw style, which is characterized by using noble materials such as wood, always trying to highlight its pure nature. In this way we can enjoy the natural beauty of wood, its particular and unique irregularities, giving the decoration of our home an authentic and special touch.

mesa washington estilo raw

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  1. HI
    This table is beautiful – how much is it including delivery to Cumbre del Sol 03726? Please and br Karin

    • Hi Karin, sorry for the late response, we miss your comment, sorry. The price of the Dining table is 1190 euros, and the transportation is 20 euros. We wish you a good day, best regards, Albir Colonial.

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